The saltwater environment is a harsh one. But it’s far from the only situation where a paint finish can be pushed to its limits. Industrial machinery is tested by heat and friction on a daily basis. Automobile interiors must withstand scorching UV rays and owner negligence, and still return to showroom condition after years of use. Passenger airplanes must retain their exterior integrity and luster despite abrupt changes in atmospheric pressure, and temperature swings of up to 100 degrees with each takeoff and landing.

For over 100 years, German paint pioneer Mankiewicz has led the development of technologically advanced products to protect and beautify machinery, automobile interiors and wide-body commercial airliners. Within the past several years, Mankiewicz has applied this advanced technology to a new set of products specifically designed for fiberglass, steel and aluminum yachts. This combined with the knowledge that a team of industry professionals with over 150 years of combined experience is there for you, providing for ideal paint solutions and more time on the water.

The result of this research and development effort is ALEXSEAL®, a complete set of premium paint products that combines the highest quality pigments, solvents, resins, ultraviolet resistors and agents with the most advanced aliphatic topcoats available on the market today. With laboratories in both Germany and the United States working to adapt today’s breakthrough research to the yacht market, expect to see even more innovative products from ALEXSEAL®.

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