Find Your Next Boat

Our boats are built on a maritime heritage other places only read about. A sense of pride, integrity and craftsmanship that runs from Kittery to Eastport.

A Maine-built boat doesn’t just come from the state of Maine. It comes from a state of mind that’s all but disappeared.

Sail, power. Wood, composite. Custom, production. Find your Maine-built boat.

Ultimately, you have to ask yourself the question:

Does she speak to you?

Don’t look at the spec sheet, just answer from your heart.
Is this the boat you dream about?
Is the craftsmanship flawless? Are the lines authentic and true?
Does it embody centuries of maritime tradition?
Would you be proud to stand on her deck?
Or to put it another way…

Is she a Maine built boat?


Explore the world or your small oasis within it. From trailerable center consoles to bluewater trawlers, view Maine-built powerboats. SEE MAINE-BUILT POWERBOATS.


It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. Find a custom-built cruiser or a local fleet racer built here on Maine’s coast. SEE MAINE-BUILT SAILBOATS.

Fishing Boats

Mainers know fishing boats better than anyone else — whether it’s a traditional lobster hull or an offshore tuna-fishing machine. SEE MAINE-BUILT FISHING BOATS.

Current Builds & Refits

Calvin Beal 42

Farrin’s Boat Shop is currently working on a Calvin Beal 42, which is fitted out as a patrol boat for the Maine Department of Marine Resources.

Custom 41-Foot Dayboat

Front Street Shipyard of Belfast is building a custom 41-foot powerboat that will be completed and launched in 2022.

SACHEM by Buxton Boats

A Maine-built boat that’s spent her life ferrying families back and forth from Maine’s islands, SACHEM is undergoing a refit with Buxton Boats of Stonington.

Launch a dream.

Where do dreams come from?
From out of the fog and the deep waters off a rocky coastline.
From the inspiration of four centuries of tradition.
And from working in partnership with artisans who know that
if something’s not exactly right, it’s hopelessly wrong.
Don’t cheat on your dream.

Service & Refit Yards

Make your boat new again. Meet the Maine craftspeople who not only build boats, but re-build, re-power, and upgrade boats.

Suppliers & Supporters

We can’t do it alone. We rely on a network of suppliers and specialists who ensure we have the equipment, parts, and technology to build the world’s best boats.

See them in Action

You’ve got to see it to believe it. Watch videos of boats under construction and performing on the water.

Free Directory of Builders

Browse through Maine’s builders and yards. Download a PDF of our annual directory, including articles about boat-buying, propeller selection, and 3D boatbuilding.