Buxton Boats, Stonington, ME


A Maine-built boat that’s spent her life ferrying families back and forth from Maine’s islands, SACHEM is undergoing a refit with Buxton Boats of Stonington. She was built on Swan’s Island by Frank Sprague in 1933. At 26 feet long, SACHEM has a 6-foot beam and draws 2 feet of water. She is powered with a Chrysler gasoline engine and sports a distinctive dust-pan stern. Since the 1960s SACHEM has been well maintained. Stored inside every winter at Billing’s Diesel & Marine, she was gently used to go back and forth to Merchant’s Island. 

SACHEM was originally owned by Forrest Conary for a couple of year and then she passed to Charles Turner of Isle au Haut, followed by Dennis Eaton of Stonington, the Metcalfs of Merchant’s Island, and most recently Harlan Billings of Stonington. When Harlan passed away last spring she went back to the owners of Merchant’s Island.

At Buxton Boats SACHEM will receive a new keel and a new engine. While overall she is in relatively good shape, Buxton Boats owner Peter has suggested he may redo her bottom since she is iron fastened. He also said that he was going to give the keel a little more depth so she can swing a bigger propeller. This year she will get the new keel and engine; next winter she’ll get additional work.