nautilusEstablished in 1983, Nautilus Marine Fabrication, Inc. is a Maine-based company specializing in marine metal fabrication, abrasive water jet material cutting, boat propeller repair, new propeller sales, and non-toxic hydraulic fluid sales.

The marine metal fabrication industry is a fast-paced and innovative sphere. Consequently, we strive to use welding equipment of the highest quality, such as the amico 160 welder for example. Using only the best tools, machinery and equipment, ensures that every metal fabrication project that we complete is finished to the best possible standard.

The Hale MRI computerized measurement system used by Nautilus along with their hydraulic prop adjustment machine allows their craftsmen to make a propeller run as quietly and efficiently as possible. Customers also expect their propellers to look good, so their long experience in welding and finishing metal allows them to put a finish on your prop second to none.

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